History of Society

Establishment – Dalit Mitra Kadam Guruji (Founder)

Reg.No. SUR/BNK/107/1964
Date – 26/09/1964

Aim– Enable the members of society economically strong through society.

  • Inspire the members to be economical and co-operative.
  • Help the members to get loan on reasonable conditions.
  • Help the members to preserve some of the part of their income safely and easily.
  • To give the loans on reasonable rate to the society members from society funds.
  • To undertake the trading of providing customer usable things to the members by the permission of Registration official.
  • Do the essential all things to achive above one or all purpose.
  • To give membership only those who are the servants of the institute Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Mangalwedha.